Covid-19 Cleaning Verification

Covid-19 Cleaning and Disinfecting Oversight and Verification

TEC provides reliable, on-site testing and verification of cleaning and disinfection protocols. 

Keep your operations, facilities, employees and those you serve safe. 

For 20 years Total Environmental Concepts has specialized in cleaning, abatement and disinfection of hazardous materials.

As an experienced, full-service environmental firm in the DC, MD and VA area, our team of experts follows the most stringent guidelines to help property managers, airports, municipalities, schools, manufacturing plants and commercial properties keep their employees and customers safe from contaminants and bio-hazards.

With the introduction of Covid-19 in our communities, TEC understands the challenges businesses and facilities are facing.

As Covid-19 closures begin to lift in the coming weeks and months, it is critical to plan ahead to schedule and implement additional cleaning and safety protocols prior to opening. 

It isn’t enough to clean surfaces and assume they are free of pathogens and viruses.  To adhere to new safety protocols and guidelines, accurate testing and verification of cleaning results should be incorporated.

TEC uses state-of-the-art technology and patented equipment to provide fast and accurate cleaning verification. 

covid cleanup

Covid-19 oversight and verification will be performed by a Certified Industrial Hygienist who will observe safety protocols and perform post disinfection field tests using a portable instrument to check for the presence or absence of pathogens on the disinfected surfaces.

Benefits To You Include:

  • Fast and accurate on-site testing for pathogens left on surfaces after cleaning – you know within minutes if cleaning efforts are effective.
  • Verification that high-touch areas, meeting spaces, common areas or conference rooms are being cleaned properly
  • Reducing your risk of additional facility closures or product recalls due to undocumented or ineffective cleaning.
  • Lower your testing costs by bringing testing on-site with immediate results.

Get in touch with the experts at TEC to discuss your specific needs and develop the right plan.