Clifton, VA

The residential drinking water well was impacted by a heating oil tank release. The site sits upon a fractured bedrock environment, providing multiple pathways for contaminant migration. TEC conducted initial emergency response to the UST leak including:

  • UST removal
  • Petroleum extraction from the drinking water well
  • Geoprobe investigation
  • Magnetometer survey
  • Air rotary drilling and monitoring well installation
  • Remedial system pilot testing and design
  • Installation of remediation system
  • Site clean up and closure

Arlington, VA

Multiple residential asbestos, lead and mold surveys.

  • Fungal inspection reporting

  • Lead paint testing

  • Lead in water investigation

  • Mold inspection and air quality testing

  • Sub slab ventilation system installation

  • Vapor extraction system installation

  • Asbestos abatement