Electronic Tank Monitoring Systems

Streamline your fuel management processes with electronic fuel monitoring systems.

Electronic tank monitoring allows you to keep a close watch on fuel usage without spending time taking physical readings on site. Data on fuel usage is gathered in real time, allowing for more information-driven decision-making and faster response times to potential issues.

The end result is reduced overhead and improved fleet reliability.

Fuel Tank Monitoring, Saving Time & Manpower 

Taking readings from individual tank gauges at multiple sites is time-consuming, and can result in extra revenue and man-hours.  If usage fluctuations occur in between readings, it could be some time before they are discovered.

Our electronic tank monitoring systems enable you to instantly check tank level sensors remotely, whether over the internet or via phone lines. This means if levels or usage change abruptly, you’ll know instantly and be able to address the issue promptly.

Let us help you improve security, control, data management, and overall operations. Get in touch to discuss your needs and find the system based on your requirements.

Additional Fuel Management Services

TEC also provides a wide range of other fleet and fuel management services, including UST/AST installation and maintenance, fuel management and dispenser services, and fuel filtration systems.

We can install and maintain the best in fuel management solutions including:

  • E.J. Ward
  • FuelMaster
  • Gasboy
  • MultiForce
  • Petro Vend
  • GIR

Let us recommend the best systems to you based on your requirements. Each of these systems offers features that enable you to improve security, control, data management, and overall operations.