Covid-19 Cleaning Verification

For 20 years Total Environmental Concepts has specialized in cleaning, abatement and disinfection of hazardous materials.

As an experienced, full-service environmental firm in the DC, MD and VA area, our team of experts follows the most stringent guidelines to help property managers, airports, municipalities, schools, manufacturing plants and commercial properties keep their employees and customers safe from contaminants and bio-hazards.

With the introduction of Covid-19 in our communities, TEC understands the challenges businesses and facilities are facing.

As Covid-19 closures begin to lift in the coming weeks and months, it is critical to plan ahead to schedule and implement additional cleaning and safety protocols prior to opening.  

When it is time for your business or facility to resume operations, the health and safety of your employees, customers, residents and anyone entering your premises must be prioritized and properly documented. Ideally, you should have your cleaning and disinfection services scheduled several weeks prior to opening with a plan to document pre and post-cleaning measures. 

 Covid-19 Cleaning and Disinfecting Oversight and Verification

covid cleanup Regardless of which service you use to clean and disinfect your facility or vehicle fleet, qualitative pre and post-cleaning measures should be part of the process. 

Trust Total Environmental Concepts to mark and test biological contaminants before and after cleaning. We provide Covid-19 oversight and verification by a Certified Industrial Hygienist who will observe safety protocols and verify the results of your chosen cleaning crew. 

TEC workers follow stringent safety protocols and routinely operate in Level C PPE (Personal Protective Equipment), which is a higher level of PPE than what most medical personnel use. We take every precaution to manage Covid-19 cleaning and disinfecting oversight and verification to ensure your facility is safe to re-open.

Now is the time to consider how you plan to clean and document the safety of your facilities.  

Get in touch with the experts at TEC to discuss your specific needs and develop the right plan.