Petroleum Construction

WMATA Montgomery Solar Water Tank RemovalsFrom tank system layout and design to fuel management systems to piping configuration, the experts at Total Environmental Concepts are able to manage all aspects of the process and provide a quality turnkey solution that meets not only your needs but complies with federal, state and local regulations and meets industry standards.

TEC’s expertise in petroleum construction includes:

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Underground Storage Tanks & Aboveground Storage Tanks

Underground storage tanks, or USTs, are those that have at least 10 percent of their volume beneath the ground’s surface. They’re typically constructed of either steel or aluminum, composite materials (i.e., fiberglass, carbon fiber) or a composite-metal hybrid. The typical volume of a UST varies upon the application, and can range from a few hundred gallons to 500,000+ gallons. By way of example, the average corner gas station might have 3-4 10,000 gallon USTs underneath the concrete where drivers fill up their cars, one each for regular unleaded, mid-grade, premium and perhaps diesel.  

USTs are not as ubiquitous as they once were due to leakage issues from corrosion and the associated liability from the resulting pollution. Although still in use, they’re more strictly regulated to prevent the release of petroleum and other harmful contaminants. The right professionals are imperative to the design, construction, and operation/maintenance of USTs.

ASTs, or aboveground storage tanks, are similar to USTs in that they’re often constructed from metal, plastic, composite materials – or some combination of all three. The primary difference, as the name implies, is that ASTs are located completely above the ground surface. These tanks are more common than USTs, however like USTs, they must be designed according to the particular application as well as other factors such as resistance to fire/explosion, safety barriers for vehicular traffic, etc.  A typical AST for a commercial or municipal fueling operation might be a 10,000 gallon vaulted tank surrounded by a protective concrete covering. The average residential AST is a 275 gallon oval shaped steel vessel for heating purposes.

At TEC, we specialize in taking USTs and ASTs from concept to reality, helping you with everything from installation to removal/abandonment to repair/replacement and the construction management that accompanies it.

Fuel Management Systems

The primary benefit of incorporating a fuel management system as part of a fueling operation is allowing you, the owner, to have control over your own fuel.

First, there’s the aspect of operating cost reduction, as the fuel dispensing process becomes better optimized and efficient. As operating costs are a large expenditure among companies and government today, any reduction to overhead expenses benefits the bottom line and/or annual budget.

A further benefit is how such systems completely automate all aspects of fueling, from entry to tracking to even anti-theft management. The integration of hardware and software along with web based dashboards has taken fuel management to a sophisticated level.

Whether it’s a marina, medical facility, municipal/school fleet fueling operation, emergency services department or commercial facility, TEC is uniquely equipped to meet your needs when it comes to designing and implementing a fuel management system.

PermAlert Leak Detection Systems & Perma-Pipe Installation

Liquid in pipes is designed to be contained, and any type of leak (petroleum or water) has the potential to be detrimental to either the contents of a room/building or the environment or both.  

However, leaks are often inevitable – even with the proper design, construction, and installation of piping systems. Noting this, it’s important to react quickly when there is a leak and be able to swiftly identify the source. That’s the primary benefit of the PermAlert Leak Detection System. Specifically, the system works by monitoring cables and probes to quickly detect any leaks in a fuel system. When leaks are detected, an alert will sound and operators will be directed to the area that’s in question to make the necessary repairs and/or adjustments.

In addition to PermAlert Leak Detection Systems, our experts at TEC also specialize in Perma-Pipe installation. Perma-Pipe is pre-insulated piping designed for installation in a variety of facilities where water and/or petroleum leaks have the potential to cause a significant loss of property/data at a high cost. TEC is an authorized distributor and certified installer of Perma-Pipe and PermAlert leak detection systems, performing such installations at data centers, government facilities and various commercial entities.

Generator Fueling Systems

In certain facilities, maintaining power – even in situations of an outage – is paramount to preventing significant loss of productivity, loss of valuable data and can even spell the difference between life and death.

It’s crucial for places like data processing centers, hospitals, municipal operations, prisons and more to have a  generator(s) that they can count on to reliably power their facilities in times of outages. This all starts with the generator fueling system as a key component, which needs to be properly designed and maintained to provide sufficient fuel supply until the main power source can has been restored.

It’s uncommon that any two facilities are the same, which is why such fueling systems often require custom design to cater to specific fueling needs as well as other factors such as fire codes and building codes.

At TEC, we take generator fueling systems from design to implementation so that they meet your facility’s specific needs, as well as all regulatory standards.

Petroleum Construction Services

Our Petroleum Construction division manages all aspects of your fueling system from designing/estimating through permitting and construction management.  

Our estimators, project managers, superintendents, foremen, tank installers, mechanics and technicians provide a turnkey solution to your fueling system needs.

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