Dulles International Airport – Dulles, VA

Project: Gun Range Abatement

Services Provided:

  • Initial consult and cleanup of site and hazardous materials
  • Weekly/monthly maintenance of facility including ongoing lead abatement
  • Hazardous waste transportation and disposal
  • Remove and replace new protective mats

TEC was contracted to assess the initial cleaning of the gun range and develop a plan to cleanup the site and remove hazardous materials, including lead.  To ensure safety and avoid lead and hazardous material buildup, TEC maintains the gun range with ongoing maintenance and cleaning.


Metropolitan Washington Airports Authority (MWAA) — Washington, D.C.

Project: Reagan National Airport UST System Installation

Services Provided:

  • Design, construct and install UST system
  • Stormwater management
  • Dewatering
  • Contaminated soil disposal

TEC was contracted to perform design, construction, and installation of three 10,000-gallon underground storage tanks (USTs) and one 5,000-gallon oil/water separator (OWS) at Ronald Reagan National Airport in Washington, D.C. A fully functional temporary aboveground storage system was installed prior to demolition and replacement of the permanent underground system. The project entailed the construction of a temporary fueling system, demolition and removal of the old fueling system, implementation of stormwater management programs, and installation of new fueling systems. Additionally, the new fueling system incorporated an electronic automated fuel management system with fueling monitors on vehicles.


FedEx (Federal Express) — Dulles International Airport, Chantilly, VA

Project: Emergency Spill Response

Services Provided:

  • Emergency response
  • Petroleum contaminated soil and water removal / disposal
  • Site site investigation

TEC was contracted by FedEx to perform emergency spill response/clean up and to liaison with MWAA’s government programs engineer, Dulles Airport’s fire department, and the Virginia DEQ’s spill response group. TEC responded to a petroleum spill/release from a diesel fuel aboveground storage tank, which occurred during a rain event. The early morning spill impacted a stream parallel to the runway via a stormwater culvert. TEC conducted spill response activities that included deployment of sorbent booms and pads at the storm drains and in the stream, vacuuming free phase petroleum and petroleum-contaminated water from the stream and drainage ditches, and excavation of petroleum impacted soil.


WMATA –Washington Metropolitan Area Transit Authority

TEC was awarded a competitive bid contract to replace the fueling system at various locations in the DC Metropolitan area. The contract was issued for a base year with four option years.  WMATA exercised each option year. The scope of work encompassed the removal and replacement of underground storage tank (UST) and aboveground storage tank (AST) systems. Work included installation or upgrading double-wall product and vent piping, associated dispensers and appurtenances to industry standards including double-wall containment throughout the entire system, and electronic monitoring of the tanks, pipes, and dispensers.   Prior to the start of work, TEC prepared a detailed construction schedule, a schedule of values, a work plan, a quality assurance plan, a health and safety plan, and submitted all necessary product data according to a submittal schedule. Throughout the course of the contract period, TEC performed extensive work at various bus and rail facilities including:

  • Southern Avenue Bus Maintenance Facility in Capitol Heights, MD. Scope of work included the removal of three (3) 20,000-gallon, two (2) 6,000-gallon USTs as well as the installation of two (2) 20,000-gallon, one (1) 6,000-gallon USTs and the removal and replacement of one (1) 1,000-gallon AST system.  

  • Tank Monitoring System Upgrades:  Furnished and installed 32 Veeder Root TLS -450 tank monitoring systems each with CSLD and reconciliation and connected to existing storage tank systems at 18 WMATA facilities.

  • Bladensburg Bus Yard:  Facility located in Washington, DC.  Scope of work included the removal and disposal of one (1) 2,500-gallon diesel UST, one (1) 2,500-gallon transmission fluid UST, and two (2) 2,000-gallon water USTs.  It also included upgrades to one (1) 20,000-gallon heating oil UST.

  • Montgomery Bus Maintenance Facility in Rockville, MD.  Scope of work included the removal of four (4) 20,000 gallon, four (4) 10,000 gallon, one (1) 8,000 gallon and three (3) 6,000 USTs as well as the installation of three (3) 20,000 gallon, three (3) 12,000 gallon, two (2) 6,000 gallon and one (1) 2,500-gallon USTs.  Additionally, the installation of one (1) 2,000-gallon generator AST and one (1) 2,000-gallon used oil AST.

  • Shady Grove Rail Yard Facility in Derwood, MD.  Scope of work included the removal and replacement of two (2) 5,000-gallon AST’s and upgrade piping associated with one (1) 2,500-gallon heating oil UST. 

  • West Falls Church Rail Facility in Falls Church, VA.  The scope of work included the replacement of one (1) 2,000-gallon heating oil UST, two (2) 12,000-gallon motor fuel USTs, one (1) gasoline UST, and one (1) diesel fuel UST.  Two (2) 6,000-gallon ASTs were replaced for the distribution of glycol used for de-icing equipment on the railroad tracks.

  • Royal Street Bus Facility in Alexandria, VA.  scope of work included temporarily close of three (3) USTs and removal of five (5) ASTs.


Maryland Transportation Authority (MDTA)

TEC was contracted by MDTA to conduct demolition and decommissioning activities for the removal of two underground storage tanks (USTs) which included one (1) 8,000 gallon heating oil tank and one (1) 2,000 gallon diesel tank per MDE regulations.  Prior to the removal activities, TEC completed test pit excavations, clearing, degrubbing, as well as tree removal. Upon completion of removal operations, TEC backfilled excavation to sub grade, formed, and poured a concrete pad for the installation of a new 8,000 gallon AST.  TEC furnished and installed a new 8,000 gallon aboveground storage tank (AST) including all necessary mechanical piping, fittings, lighting, leak detection equipment, electrical work, erosion and sediment control, fencing, and other appurtenances necessary to complete connections to the boiler and the emergency generator.



TEC conducted UST removal activities and petroleum systems related services for Amtrak at various properties in the Washington, D.C. region.

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