Petroleum Testing & Inspections

Petroleum fueling systems require periodic testing and inspections to confirm their integrity and prevent spills, leaks, or releases to the environment. UST inspection requirements vary by state but typically include a physical inspection of components such as containment sumps, spill & overfill prevention equipment, and cathodic protection. As part of the inspection, tightness testing of the tanks is often required. The owner/operator can perform some inspections, and some require a third-party inspection.

UST/AST Inspections

Federal and state laws require regular inspections of both USTs and ASTs. TEC customizes inspection plans as necessary and can store all your data electronically.

UST compliance inspections are generally intended to detect fuel leaks before they occur. These comprehensive inspections cover specific equipment such as alarms, sumps, and cathodic protection components, and the tanks themselves.

AST compliance inspections assess the overall condition of the containment structure including components such as dispenser pans, hoses, nozzles, spill containers, and vents.

ASTs require regular testing and inspections for compliance
UST precision testing

Compliance – Precision Tank & Line Testing

Maintaining compliance with state and Federal regulations can be straightforward or very confusing depending on the complexity of your fueling system. TEC’s compliance offerings consist of:

  • Underground Storage Tank Precision Testing
  • Aboveground Storage Tank Nitrogen Pressure Testing
  • Primary and Secondary Product Piping Precision Testing – Pressurized, US Suction and Safe Suction Systems
  • Leak Detector Functionality Testing
  • Stage II Vapor Recovery Testing – Pressure Decay, Air to Liquid Ratio, Dynamic Back Pressure, Pressure Vacuum Vent Cap, Vapor Tie-Tank Testing
  • Secondary Containment Testing – Spill Catchment Basins and Containment Sumps (single or double wall)
  • Automatic Tank Gauge (ATG) Certifications on all tank monitor systems
  • Cathodic Protection Testing on Galvanic or Impressed Current Systems

SP001 Inspections – Federal

AST inspections are a critical compliance issue under the EPA’s rule for Spill Prevention Control and Countermeasures (SPCC). The SP001 standard provides a means for AST owners to comply with a Federal EPA mandate.

AST inspection for spill control and prevention
TEC performs petroleum testing and inspection services for underground storage tanks.

Third-Party Inspections – MDE

Every year, TEC performs hundreds of petroleum tank system tests and conducts inspections for compliance with state and Federal regulations. Our inspectors are trained and certified in Maryland for Third Party inspections for Underground Storage Tanks (the Maryland Department of the Environment requires the inspection every three years).

Periodic Site Inspections – DEQ, C Operator

TEC provides services and assistance with monthly and/or annual walk-through inspections that are required by all three jurisdictions (MDE, DOEE, and DEQ), as well as pumping system inspections and general site inspections.

Petroleum refineries require periodic site inspections
EPA requires UST facilities to designate a trained and certified UST operator.

Training – UST Operator Class A, B & C

EPA regulations require owners of UST facilities to designate individuals to serve as Class A, B, and C operators for each facility. All personnel designated as Class A, B, or C operators must complete and pass an approved UST operator training course to be certified for these positions.

TEC is certified to conduct UST Operator Class A, B & C training and offers a classroom setting in our Laurel, MD office or onsite at your facility for the convenience of your employees.

Industries We Serve

Federal and state laws require regular testing and inspections of petroleum fueling systems. Many industries have trusted our compliance offerings including:

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