The 6 Best Fuel Management Systems & Solutions In 2021

Among the many costs of operating a fleet is the fuel. It is by far the most consistent cost, so it’s essential to make sure your fuel is being used efficiently. This means tracking fuel inventory, monitoring fuel usage, and consolidating contracts and invoices wherever possible.

A fuel management system can help you accomplish these things. But it’s crucial to understand how fuel management systems work to determine which systems are best for your application.

Importance Of Fuel Management Systems

Fuel management systems provide a wide range of data related to fuel usage, ensuring you use fuel as efficiently as possible and comply with government regulations. Here’s a closer look into the enhanced visibility provided by fuel management systems. 

Keep on top of fleet maintenance

A fuel fleet management system helps you track data on fuel usage for individual vehicles, whether through refueling patterns or automatic tank monitoring.

If one vehicle’s fuel usage is exceptionally high, your fuel management system will detect that so you can schedule a maintenance check to resolve the problem. 

Optimize fuel usage

How and where your employees drive makes a difference in fuel usage. Minor changes to their driving behavior can amount to significant cost savings. 

With certain fuel management system technologies, you’re able to track driver behavior and determine who might need more training or suggestions for lowering fuel consumption. You are also able to uncover fuel theft.

Ensure compliance

CO2 emissions are heavily regulated in many states, and making sure your commercial fleet adheres to emission standards is vital for minimizing liability and decreasing your overhead costs.

Tank gauging systems can indicate when a containment sump might be failing so the issue can be addressed. This feature ensures your vehicles aren’t environmental hazards and are in compliance.

Best Fuel Management Systems  

With the importance of fuel monitoring and management established, here are six of the top fuel management systems for 2021. These are listed in alphabetical order. 

E.J. Ward

E.J. Ward provides a host of automated fuel management services to fleets, including IoT fuel control, automated fueling software, vehicle telematics, tank level sensors, and EV charging stations. They also offer implementation and training support to their customers.

Their fuel control services are entirely cloud-based, drawing on IoT technology to provide real-time data and control access to fuel stations, car washes, security gates, and more.

Contact us for information on E.J. Ward services. 


Syntech Systems offers several fuel management systems for fleets, including their FuelMaster series.

These and other systems provide a host of features to their users, including:

  • Real-time transaction tracking at fuel terminals
  • Variety of fueling process methods, including keypads and proximity cards
  • Communication with tank monitors and gauges
  • Fuel measurements and controls
  • Fuel efficiency tracking
  • Modular design for ease of maintenance

In addition, they provide training at no cost to their customers and distributors.

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Gasboy’s services include its EKOS (Energy Knowledge Operating System) software, which tracks transactions and handles custom reporting on data from multiple systems.

They also offer a wide array of fuel island and vehicle tracking software systems, each providing reliable, comprehensive services.

Their products come from numerous brands, and they pride themselves on their complete range of services.

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GIR has been in the business for decades, giving them professional insight into fleet managers’ needs everywhere. They consistently strive to improve their products, which include both hardware and software systems.

These products include:

  • TIP/GCA terminal, which is a highly flexible hardware system that’s easy to use
  • W100 and W200 web-based software, which allow for easy management and organization of fuel-related data

Their hardware and software are fully compatible with each other, making them a great way to get a simple package of fuel management system features together.

It’s essential to have your GIR fuel management system serviced by an authorized provider. Service by unauthorized providers can void a fuel management system’s warranty. So contact us for information on GIR services. 


FuelForce provides fuel controllers and software solutions to aid in fuel management. Their hardware boasts a variety of functions and features such as:

  • Keypads
  • Card/key readers
  • Receipt printers
  • Multiple fuel support options, including CNG, LNG, BioDiesel, lubricants, and even electricity

As for their software, which is called, customers benefit from the ability to arrange and filter data as they please. Alerts and charts allow them greater control over their fuel usage.

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Petro Vend

Petro Vend 100 and 200 are fuel control systems distributed by OPW.

These fuel management systems are easily scalable for up to 1,000 users and hosts of options, such as:

  • Multiple key and card reader options
  • Multiple pedestal size options
  • Easy installation and serviceability

Petro Vend products are also compatible with multiple fuel management software solutions, allowing remote data tracking and analytics.

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Choosing The Best Fuel Management Solution

When deciding on the best fuel management system for your fleet, the above options present a great starting point.

From there, consider what each option has to offer.


If you want a basic fuel control system with some software to keep track of data, the option you choose will be very different from a company that needs gas tank monitoring and GPS-based tracking.

Some companies may be better for certain products than others, so take some time to analyze what each company does best.


Individual products may offer a wide range of features. The basics, such as card/chip readers and ease of installation, may be all you need.

On the other hand, you might want a more developed system with a host of built-in features to improve your fuel management practices.

As you assess the products and features provided by each company, you’ll be able to find the best fuel management system for you.

Servicing Your Fuel Management System

When your fleet fuel management system needs service, you should use an authorized service contractor. 

Using unauthorized servicers can void system warranties and cost more than hiring an authorized servicer that’s experienced and efficient.

To learn more about fuel management system service and installation feel free to get in touch.